All Operating system update on the way Apple announced


Apple announced new updated iOS 9 this operating system is upgrade of iOS 8 and it also known as “Golden Master”. In this operating system iOS 9 you will get developed and new feature and among those the mainly include a way to multitask using the iPad Air (but this feature already available in the present device by double tapping the home key user can switch between two application) in this new Operating system iOS 9 user can put or use two application on the screen at same time and permit user to pull information among them.

This way of presenting something new in the operating system will increase the productivity and Help user in presentations and switch quickly form one app to another as compare to previous version. Along with user get Stack View in this operating system in new iOS 9 which allow you to switch faster. The main concentration of this update is to improve the option “double tap home key”.
Not only efficiency becomes better the new iOS 9 come with higher security. In the previous version user get four digits code bit in new iOS9 user can use 6 digit code or your touch ID to unlock your device.
In addition to releasing the new mobile update (iOS 9) it appears that Apple wants to also release a new Mac OS update too. This will be known as Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11. While it is still in the beta phase, this update should help to address the many issues presented with both iOS 8 and with Mac OX X Yosemite. This update improve performance and security of device.
Along with mobile update iOS 9 apple also going to updated new OS in Mac and this new Mac OS named Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11 this Mac OS in beta phase but both update in Mobile (iOS 9) and Mac OS (Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11) will solve the many issues presented in iOS 8 and Mac OX X Yosemite.