How LED Candles Can Benefit Your Home

At the My Light Ltd we have the perfect solution to simply and safely fill you house with ambient light using our Ledus: led candle bulbs b15 . They can easily create a relaxing atmosphere anywhere inside or outside your home, with no possible danger of accidents. LED lighting can emulate candle light so well that it is impossible to notice unless you look at them closely, and will never need to be replaced.
Why Should I Use LED Candle Bulbs?
Here are some of the main advantages of using Ledus: led candle bulbs b15 over traditional flame candles:
·         Safety – Because they have no actual flame, LED candles are much safer to use. This means they can be used in any room in the house including children’s bedrooms, window sills or outside whilst your having a BBQ. With no issue of them going out because of wind or rain, you can leave them there permanently without worry of them going out, or burning anything around them.
·         Price – Unlike flame candles, LED candle bulbs will not run out after just a few uses. Our LED candles will last for 30,000 hours before they go out, meaning they can last you for over 10 years before they need to be replaced.
·         Versatility – LED candle bulbs can be put wherever you want them without worrying about children or pets coming near them, or anything accidentally catching fire. They fit easily into any lamp or light fixture just like any other bulb giving you an instant candle effect with just the flick of a switch.
LED Candle Bulbs, Strip Lights, Floodlight & More At The My Light Ltd
At The My Light Ltd we have all kinds of LED lights for all different applications. Our collection includes the 6w candle light bulb that has a simple flame design for effective lighting and our 8w candle which offers a luxurious chandelier candle shape to give your home a warm and modern atmosphere. We also supply LED floodlights and spotlights, lamps, fairly lights, dimmers and many more great LED lighting options.
If you want to brighten up any space with energy efficient, long lasting LED candle bulbs, then get in touch with the My Light Ltd.

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