How to convert android mobile camera in the Web cam


Android is the newly and the latest feature in the operating system of the phone. This android is superb in which you do anything this system have the quality to do everything like that the android camera is convert into the web cam or in other word we say that android mobile phone camera is convert in the Web cam. In the article published by us on t0 6/8/2013                                                                              an in this i tell you HOW to convert phone camera in the mobile phone in this android mobile phone are not included but today  tell you about how to convert android camera in webcam
Look over the instruction arein this we tell that How to use phone camera as Webcam in this android mobile is not include but today you know about how to convert android camera in the web cam


  1. With the help of Google play you download Skype
  2. Fill the detail in the account which is newly create by you
  3. Go to the app and Tap on enable video calling
  4. And then select the any one contact from the contact
  5. After this process you do a video calling with the person through Skype


Using Ustream

  1. In this Google play is also help you in downloading this ustream
  2. The Sign in, in the account of Ustream
  3. First select the show and giving the channel name you will broadcasting and go to the setting  and select show for changing the channel
  4. To broadcast tab the record button                             an.


Using IP Web cam

  1. Download IP Web cam from the Google play
  2. Connect with the Wi-Fi and go t the setting select your name from the list
  3. For open the IP Web cam Tap the IP Webcam
  4. And the last step start the server and the type the IP address which is listed at the down or bottom of the app into the web browser on a computer connected with the network and it connect your mobile phone stream and so many user can connect to stream by using the IP address given in the App