how to get back whatsapp conversation in PC from android

Today i am talking about the one of the best messenger and the name of that messenger is whatsapp this messenger is superb by this you share photos and videos free to your friends and messages. and this messenger is used by allover the world. i know all know about this but in this i am talking about how to get the back the whatsapp conversation on computer from android which is deleted by you
need to perform backup .2

1. you wants a file manager, which termed as a ghost commander tool so download this application because this app is essentail to keep the backup

2. you download or get this application form

3. and also download whatsapp Extract tool form


1. in the file manager locate the /data/data/com. whatsapp/database and again /data/data/com.whatsapp/database in the previous versons

2. the in the memory card copy wa.db and msgstore.db

3. after this make random floder and the extract the extracting tool and then download the pyCrypto.bat in you pc

4. now insert the memory in you computer and get the wa.db and msgstore.db and the copy ot to in the new place and when ask for overwrite. replace the existing file

5. open the whatsapp -xtract- android .2.

6. and the open the new file in the web browser for seeing the web browser

By following the above process you may get the old conversation of whatsapp back in computer