Karcher K 2.28 Electric Pressure Washer Review

Karcher K 2.28 1550 PSI 1.3 GPM Electric Pressure Washer delivers pressure about 30 times your normal on stream hose pipe would. It comes with a Vario power spray which is capable of distributing 1550 psi pressure to allow efficient cleaning of various types of surfaces. For powerful cleaning, it is equipped with Dirt Blaster spray wand, which comes along with the entire package when you purchase the best electric pressure washer. This Dirt Blaster boosts pressure and ensures that the surface you wish to clean up will be guaranteed spick and span.

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The washer comes with a power cord of 35 feet and a high pressure hose of 10 foot. Due to a small weight of 13lbs, this makes the washer easily portable and convenient to push around. The overall cost is value for money, considering the excellent job it promises to deliver. It also has a safety lock which protects children from messing with the equipment and can hold enough water required to handle small house chore.

Karcher K 2.28 Features and Specifications

  • Limited warranty 1 year
  • Product weight: 13lbs
  • Shipping weight:16 pounds
  • 120V, 35 feet power cable, High pressure hose(10 foot)
  • Simple to use and Maintain
  • Direct-drive Axial pump
  • Siphon tube generating detergent in ratio
  • Inclusive Vario power wand and Patented Dirt blaster spray wand to help cleaning different surfaces.
  • pressure (1550 psi)
  • Ships for FREE with Super Saving Shipping

Karcher K 2.28 Reviews

Many people have purchased this Karcher K 2.28 1,550 PSI 1.3 GPM Electric Pressure Washer and are generally happy, based on their reviews online. Users have commented on its high pressure (1550 psi), which is more than enough to get the dirt off and is gentle on the wood as well. A reviewer mentioned about its easy set up and said that it was very satisfying to use.Click here to see more Electric pressure washer reviews at PressureWasherJuge.com

However, one reviewer was lamenting on the trigger lock which one has to manually trigger to control water flow. Nevertheless, many buyers feel that the pressure washer is effective, reliable and suits their need.

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