Matrix Switches for Business Applications

HDMI matrix switches provide a convenient method for routing high definition video and audio from multiple sources to various displays. It enables connection of HD-DVD players, HD Blu-ray players, home theater PCs, stand-alone streaming media players or gaming consoles to HDMI displays, monitors, TVs or projectors together. The convenient front-panel pushbuttons and remote control enable quick and seamless cycling through HDMI displays and sources while the front-panel LEDs register the source equipment for each display at a glance.   Multiple Features for Ultimate Control and Security   Flexible Scalability: You can cascade or daisy chain matrix switches. In addition, adjustable expansion configurations allow up to nine consoles to control thousands of servers. You can add servers and consoles one step at a time to match the growth of your company, which provides cost-saving configuration and protection in your investment.   Power Association: You can associate matrix switches with a power management device. This method allows you to manage the power operation of a server from a system interface or single point. It further permits you to associate a second outlet port of service with a dual power supply. In this way, you can synchronize the power supplies to reduce maintenance time and increase management efficiency.   Virtual Media. This feature lets you connect DVDs, CD-ROMs and additional storage mechanisms to each server utilizing adapter cables that are media-capable. It also permits you to transfer files, install OS patches and applications and perform diagnostics from a console module, which reduces downtime and saves maintenance costs. Non-blocked Access. Connecting consoles to a master switch permits access to any server on the same level at the same time. In addition, each has independent access to any server on the installation.   Adapter ID: This function stores port information such as the OS, Adapter ID, adapter name, keyboard language and operation modes. It is beneficial for administrators who need to relocate servers to another port without the need to change the user authorization settings or reconfigure the adapters.   Alternatives and Business Solutions Matrix switch systems cover a broad range of cable, desktop, and LCD products that allow businesses to manage its IT infrastructure from anywhere worldwide ( offers professional grade matrix switches). Professional audio/video products offer integrated solutions for a variety of purposes including corporate, educational and hospitality applications. There are also energy-saving solutions for the data center that extend to a range of intelligent portable data units that accommodate real-time energy management and performance indicators remotely and locally.

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