New Tool kit for watch app developers from Apple

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In the upcoming days Apple reveal the new tools for software developers this entire thing take place for creating smarter apps for Apple watch. All this may happen in the World developer’s conference next week. It helps in access to the watch heart-rate and motion sensors.

The New York Times report inform that Phillip Ryu who was the founder of Impending or you can say that a mobile phone developer primarily not to develop any new apps for devices because of limited animation in the apps and the software take to much time to loads but may the decision changed.

According to the CEO of apple Tim cook it is important to get more Apps in the Apple watch and Pointing on the number of the apps are available in it. He also mentions that they are not happy with the thing going and he also restated that the response of the user is positive and the demand will be increased.

In the past month the watch form apple launched with new OS in this Bug was fixes and come with new language are Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Thai and Turkish. And the version of OS is 1.0. According to the sources this version can improve the performance for Siri and for health and activity tracking and another feature about this watch that the display will support emoji characters.

Watch was released on the 24 April with first update software v1.0.1. And the software developer also thought that they will introduce new apps in future months and they pay more attention on the health and messaging area.

And the partial use of the software simulators and they see new advantage from this devices like saving time and seeing mobile phone for many reason again and again after sometime.

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